New Research Highlights the Benefits, Barriers and Facilitators to Golf Participation Among Disabled People

A recent research paper co-written by the President of European Disabled Golfer’s Association (EDGA), Tony Bennett, illustrates the benefits, the barriers and the facilitators to golf participation amongst people with a disability.

Whilst Golf can have a positive impact upon physical and psychosocial health the review, which is published in The International Journal of Golf Science, was written in response to the limited exposure and promotion of its impact on people with disabilities.

The review explores the benefits, barriers, and facilitators to golf participation among this population and provides a modest but accessible resource to help transform golf into a more inclusive and pleasurable activity for disabled people.

What are the new findings?

  • Golf can yield a variety of health benefits for disabled people.

  • Personal, social, and environmental barriers might prevent them to obtain such benefits. These include lack of adequate services, accessibility issues, classism, and ableism

  • Social interactions as well as free courses and equipment appear crucial to support regular participation.

The full review and findings can be viewed here…