Health Benefits for Young Golfers Shown in New Video

A new video produced by The R&A is highlighting the health benefits of golf for young people, as well as those for all ages.

At the inaugural Girls Under 16 Open Championship, played recently at Fulford Golf Club in York, players took to camera to highlight the health benefits they gain from playing golf and why they love the sport.

Junior Vagliano Trophy player, Ffion Tynan from Wales, was joined by English pair Caitlin Whitehead and Rosie Bee Kim for the filming, alongside the Swedish trio of Ester Fagersten, Minonna Falkman Lehes and Rebecca Gyllner.


Kim was the youngest player in the international 90-player field, aged only 10, and went on to win the Under 12 category.

Key themes emerging from the footage included: the relationships girls enjoy through golf, the boost to their confidence and self-esteem; golf’s exercise and nutritional benefits; and simply the fun they have out on the course.

The R&A is this year stepping up its efforts to widely communicate the health benefits of golf for all ages and abilities, building on significant robust research and key findings.

Raise awareness

The Golf & Health Project, supported by the World Golf Foundation, has been working hard to show the overall health benefits of the sport, both physically and mentally.

The Project has sought to raise awareness of the health benefits of golf in order to increase participation among golfers and non-golfers, improve the public image of the sport and increase support for golf in the political arena.

As a partner in the World Golf Foundation, The R&A has played a key role in the activity, notably supporting the work of researchers at the University of Edinburgh – fronted by lead researcher Dr Andrew Murray – who has conducted the largest and most comprehensive study of golf and health.

By England Golf