Dr. Andrew Murray To Be Awarded Golf & Heath Focused PhD From University of Edinburgh

Golf & Health Project PhD Representative, and European Tour and Ryder Cup Europe Chief Medical Officer, Dr Andrew Murray, has completed studies focusing on golf and health and will soon receive his PhD from the University of Edinburgh.

Murray’s work will continue to bring health science in to golf and increase the evidence base around this area, heavily influencing policy makers that golf is a significant health-enhancing physical activity and of course is fun to play.

“There are a huge number of people to thank for their assistance with gaining this PhD and I am very proud to earn this from the University of Edinburgh,” said Murray, who is also a member of the IGF Medical Commission.

“My supervisors, Professor Nanette Mutrie MBE, Professor Liz Grant and Dr Paul Kelly, and examiners, Professor Maria Stokes, Dr Katy Stewart and Dr Tony Turner, have all been fundamental to the process, along with Dr Roger Hawkes for his mentorship, friendship and providing the opportunity. I also have to thank the World Golf Foundation, particularly The R&A and European Tour, for their direct funding and support throughout.”

The PhD study that included Murray’s thesis entitled ‘Assessing golf and health, and investigating how the evidence base can impact policy and practice’, was supported by the World Golf Foundation [WGF], and in particular The R&A who have funded work on strength and balance and the First International Congress on Golf and Health held in the UK Houses of Parliament in 2018 where it brought together politicians, leaders in golf and senior figures from the World Health Organisation [WHO].

The Golf & Health Project has also been supported by various other organisations including The Ryder Cup European Development Trust, the European Tour and the Confederation of Professional Golf [CPG].

Through Murray’s work and the continued activities of the Golf & Health Project and its Executive Director, Dr Roger Hawkes, golf has set an innovative example that is now being followed by other sports such as Rugby Union which is now looking at a similar PhD study that will also investigate the relationship between the sport and health.

Entitled ‘Assessing golf and health, and investigating how the evidence base can impact policy and practice’, Murray’s thesis and PhD announcement have received over 400 pieces of media and communications activity showing the recognising the huge interest that the subject matter has created across the past couple of years.

This research and its assessment of a wide range of golf-focused research that has taken place, paves the way for continued future focus of research in areas such as golf on prescription, improving strength and balance, and the role of golf in individuals with dementia and how golf clubs can play their part.

The Golf & Health Project, supported by the World Golf Foundation – made up of European Tour, LPGA, The Masters, PGA of America, PGA Tour, The R&A, and USGA – aims to study the many and varied health & wellbeing benefits of golf, consider any risks, and to publish regularly in international, peer-reviewed journals.

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