As with every sport, golf is associated with injuries. The most common injury sites are the back, elbow, wrist and shoulders.

Most injuries are associated with a sudden increase in loading, and so to help you avoid pain, we bring you advice from some prominent Sports Medicine practitioners who work on the European Tour.

  • Injuries do occur in golf
  • The injury rate is low when the time playing and compared with other sports
  • Common injuries include back, wrist and shoulder
  • Back pain can be improved by increased activity and not usually made worse by playing golf
  • Professional and elite amateurs are more prone to wrist injuries which have been recently described in the literature

The European Tour Physio Unit

This world class facility travels across Europe to European Tour events throughout the season to provide the world’s best players with physiotherapy, performance and sports medicine services and training facilities.

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The Relationships Between Golf and Health: A Scoping Review

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