UK Minister Hails Health Benefits of Golf

19th June 2018

The Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health and Primary Care hailed the health benefits of golf...

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The Key Health Benefits of Golf

16th June 2018

Golf is played by around 55 million people...pretty impressive, but even more so is all of these people could be substantially benefiting their health...

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Disabled Golfers will compete in the 2018 Emirates Australian Open

15th June 2018

A world-first championship for golfers with a disability will be contested during this year's Emirates Australian Open in Sydney.

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Raising Awareness Of Golf’s Health Benefits

6th June 2018

The game's governing bodies are making strides to improve golf's health links and benefits...

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Planetary Health Conference: Golf on the Agenda

3rd June 2018

Golf & Health represented at the Planetary Health Annual Meeting in Edinburgh...

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Health Benefits for Young Golfers Shown in New Video

10th May 2018

A new video produced by The R&A is highlighting the health benefits of golf for young people, as well as those for all ages...

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Golf is Good For You – and Could Save Millions

27th March 2018

Golf is good for your health and happiness – and could save millions of pounds for local authorities, according to new research...

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UK Parliament Hails Health Benefits For Golf Spectators

14th October 2017

Members of Parliament have hailed the potential health benefits of spectating at golf events.

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Murray & Dunstan Pair Up For 200 Mile Ryder Cup Run

10th September 2017

Fitness fanatics, Dr Andrew Murray & Paul Dunstan, are teaming up to run 200 miles from Wentworth Club in England to Le Golf National in France...

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The Science Bit: Golf Spectating Health Benefits

2nd August 2017

Looking at the science behind the health Benefits of Golf Spectating in more depth with the Golf & Health Team...

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Golf As a Public Health Panacea – BJSM Podcast

17th June 2017

Dr Roger Hawkes & BJSM look at health benefits of golf and assessing & managing golfers that walk through clinic doors...

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Golfers & Longevity

9th March 2017

We know that physical inactivity (i.e. NOT being active) kills millions of people around the world each year. So could playing golf reduce the risk of an early death?!

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Golf & Spectators

9th March 2017

Golf spectators are somewhat unique in sport as they will often be walking just as far as the competitors themselves...

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Cardiovascular Health & The Golfer

9th March 2017

Research has shown that golf is associated with improvements in multiple known risk-factors for cardiovascular disease, including body composition, fitness, blood lipid levels, and insulin-glucose levels...

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Exploring the Health & Wellbeing Benefits of Golf [INFOGRAPHIC]

27th February 2017

The Golf & Health Project and University of Edinburgh launch a new infographic detailing just some of the many benefits of golf...

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Physiotherapy and Golf Injuries – Part 1 – The Wrist

4th February 2017’s Nigel Tilley examines potential wrist problems and recovery routes in golf...

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Golf & Health Project Launches to Highlight How Golf Can Benefit All

5th October 2016

The Golf & Health Project has launched aiming to academically research and highlight how the sport can benefit peoples’ lives...

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