RESEARCH: Golf Outperforms Nordic Walking in Improving Cardiovascular Health in Older Adults, Study Finds

Researchers in Finland find acute bouts of aerobic exercise improved cardiovascular health in older adults more than Nordic walking and walking…

A new study published in the British Medical Journal Open suggests that playing golf may be more effective in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases than Nordic walking. The study found that individuals who played golf regularly had a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases compared to those who participated in Nordic walking or other forms of physical activity.

Researchers Julia Kettinen, Heikki Tikkanen, and Mika Venojärvi from the University of Eastern Finland studied 25 healthy older golfers (n=25, 16 male and 9 female, 68±4 years) who were enrolled in a randomised cross-over experiment, comparing the effects of three different acute aerobic exercises (18-hole golf, 6 km Nordic walk, 6 km walk) on blood pressure, blood glucose and blood lipid profile in a real-life environment.

Despite the lower exercise intensity of golf, the longer duration and higher energy expenditure appeared to have a more positive effect on lipid profile and glucose metabolism compared with Nordic walking and walking.

The conclusion of the study is that all three forms of physical activity (golf, Nordic walking, and walking) improved the cardiovascular health of older adults when done in short bursts. Golf, with its longer duration and higher energy expenditure, had a positive effect on lipid and glucose metabolism compared to the other forms of exercise. These types of physical activity can be recommended for healthy older adults to prevent cardiovascular diseases and can also be used to improve cardiometabolic health for those with existing cardiovascular diseases.

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