Can Spectating at Golf Events Be Good for Your Health?

Attending live sporting events is a favourite pass time of sports fans all over the world and is by no means unique to golf. Providing fans with an opportunity to get up close and personal, sharing the trials and tribulations of their sporting icons.

However as most sporting events confine spectators to a single seat, many don’t get to share the health benefits of exercise gained by the athletes on show.

This is where golf may be unique, as typically spectators will follow their favourite players around the course, walking in excess of 4 miles.


Researchers found that during the 2012 Ryder cup spectators collectively walked 4 times around the world. Whilst a recent study at the 2016 Paul Lawrie Match Play event demonstrated that spectators walked on average 11,589 steps with 82.9% of spectators achieving the daily physical activity recommendations.

Achieving these goals on a regular basis is associated with a number of physical and mental health benefits including 35% reduction in cardiovascular disease, 40% reduction in type 2 diabetes, 30% reduction colon cancer, 30% reduction in depression and dementia.

The Golf and Health Project is actively involved in further research into the unique health benefits of spectating “the beautiful game”. Providing even more ways to get active and improve your health through golf.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Ladies European Tour/Tristan Jones
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