The Golf & Health Project has a team of fantastic ambassadors from around the world, Between them they have over 350 professional tournament victories, including 30 major championship victories…


American-born, Australian-raised and the youngest golfer to win the Australian Open, as an amateur, at age 18. Aaron Baddeley further impressed when he successfully defended his title and captured his second win at the 2000 Australian Open. Since joining the U.S. PGA Tour in 2003, Badds has captured 4 wins, made the International team for the 2011 Presidents Cup and has consistently been known as one the best putters on tour.


“I am very proud to support the Golf & Health Project. Healthy living is a subject that’s very close to my heart, especially when it comes to educating the next generation. I strongly believe playing golf helps people stay fit, active and healthy. The Golf & Health Project will help all of us better promote the sport’s physical and mental benefits.”


“I think the Golf & Health Project is going to be a great way of sharing the evidence behind the health benefits of golf.

“I definitely think that fitness training and living a healthy lifestyle has helped me to play better and enjoy golf more, and the fact that so many of the benefits can help people, no matter how old or good at golf they are, shows how universal our sport is.”


“I am delighted to be an Ambassador for the Golf & Health Project and wholeheartedly support the work they are doing to prove the health and wellbeing benefits of golf.

“It is no secret that I am a huge fitness advocate and I am proud to be the first to lead the change in the fitness mind-set of the sport. I owe a lot to the fact that I was encouraged to be active throughout my life from an early age and I hope to encourage future generations to do the same.

“The systematic and academic confirmation of the physical and mental benefits golf gives people will be of great use to us all to spread the word to institutions, governments and the entire world!”


“The Golf & Health Project is clearly taking an important step forward to shine a light on the benefits of our sport. I’m really pleased to be involved as an ambassador and I hope I can help spread this message.

“For me being healthy and happy is key to enjoying my own game and throughout my career I have seen how impactful golf can be on peoples’ wellbeing – now it’s time to get this message out there.”


“The Golf & Health Project is a fantastic idea and I am proud to be able to support the work they’re carrying out.

“My health and fitness is something I care very strongly about and is an important part of my life. So for the project to be examining the hard evidence behind the benefits golf can give you is great – it will give us all a chance to talk about our sport’s benefits accurately and promote it to a much wider audience.

“My family has always had a very active lifestyle and I believe golf is a great thing to be doing no matter who you are.”


“The Golf & Health Project is a great idea and I am really looking forward to being involved as we learn more about how golf is beneficial for everyone, not just tour or elite players.

“For me the psychological benefits of fun and enjoyment have been important in my game and now it is important I just enjoy my golf. This is the same for anyone out there – there are so many positive reasons to play golf and I am interested to see how the Project identifies and proves these academically.”


“I am really happy to be supporting the Golf & Health Project. To me the benefits of our sport are clear so it is really interesting to be able to back them up with hard evidence.

“Being a fitter, healthier golfer on the course has helped me to continually improve my own game and I think golf is perfect for getting people active and healthy both in body and in mind.

“Through my off-course work with my local community I also know how important health and wellbeing can be on the development of kids, so anything that can help us to understand more about how to create healthy, well-rounded people is something I can get behind.”